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Default Experiments continued

I also went to a private swing party for the first time recently. Whip and I went. He's very into public play, including sex, and it was something I was curious about if I would like it as well. I'm glad he went because otherwise I doubt f I would have gone on my own.

It was not a successful experiment in that I want to do it again. I learned a lot about myself. I mentioned in another thread that I'm not a voyeur or an exhibitionist. This is where I learned that for sure. Watching others have sex that I am not involved in is pretty dull. Maybe if I cared more for the people participating? (The other people at the swing party were acquaintances or I didn't know them at all.) Possibly but even then I think if I wasn't involved, it would not be so interesting.

And having others watch me is something I don't mind, particularly if I don't notice others watching as I'm absorbed in what's going on. But it doesn't do anything for me either. I just don't get off on watching or being watched. Without those kinks, well, sex parties turn out to be rather boring.

I also reinforced for myself that sex without some connection is not very interesting either. I need to have either instant chemistry with someone - which is very rare for me - or develop that chemistry a bit over time. I need at least some interaction beyond just meeting; this doesn't have to be much but I do need it I discovered. This was something I wondered about.

So lots learned. Much of which I already intuited but wasn't certain about.
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