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I've never actually slept over night in the same bed with by boyfriend. He's slept here 3 nights this year and all of them on the couch. The most recent time was because our son was home for at least one of the nights, but the other two were because as much as my husband would like for me to be able to have that, he doesn't sleep well without me in the bed and our bed is not big enough for the three of us (we've tried even taking a nap before all three of us and it just doesn't work). It doesn't really bother me all that much, but some of my other poly friends find it weird. Maybe it would be different if we lived together, but that isn't likely to happen.

I'm sorry that you are not able to get that need met. Hopefully you will be able to come to a compromise with your partners. I like to think that my husband would be willing to give me one night, if I really felt I needed it to be happy.

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