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I was going to add that when Wendigo and I first got together, his wife, Pretty Lady, was uncomfortable with the emotional aspect of our relationship, but perfectly fine with the physical aspect. She asked that we not be so lovey dovey in our instant messanging conversations, because their computers are in close proximity and she could read what we were saying. When she decided she wanted to participate in the sexual aspect of our relationship, she told me that she'd appreciate it if we did not have any BDSM activity in her presence because that was something special that they shared. She was okay knowing that we did those activities in private, but didn't want it in her face. She even checked with me to make sure that there wasn't anything that I did not want her doing with Runic Wolf in my presence, which there wasn't. We only were only sexual as a foursome on a half dozen occasions, but I respected her wishes and I believe that is part of why Wendigo and I are still together 3 years later. He loves his wife dearly and his first priority is making sure that she's happy, healthy and sane or at least as sane as she can be working 18 hours a day and I wouldn't love him if it were any other way.

For myself, I tend to get jealous when I see someone else getting something I need. For example, on our vacation a close friend of ours got too drunk and started behaving in a way that would lead to something she'd regret if someone didn't step in. Wendigo stepped in because he and I are two of the 3 people there who knew how to handle her, effectively taking him away from me for the entire evening on the last night of our trip. Runic Wolf had gone to bed early and I wasn't tired yet. I had spent the week conscious that most of the people we were camping with did not know about us and would be uncomfortable with our relationship if they did, so this was the first opportunity I'd had to really flirt with him all week since those people were all asleep and she was occupying all his attention. And since there was nothing I could really do about it and wouldn't have wanted him to act any differently, I just sat with it and talked myself though it, checked in with them periodically, hugged them both when I did, so I could get little bits of the physical contact I was missing, and got a long hug goodnight before he sent me to bed for my own safety (one of our friends gets violent when drunk and he had to help put him to bed when he was done dealing with our other friend). After we got home and he'd spent some time with his family we got together a couple of hours before a fighter practice and cuddled on my couch for a bit.
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