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Our relationship has sure had its trials, jealousy being the main one.
In what area? Time management?

Sometimes, becos of my shift work, it is my only opportunity to have close time with my boyfriend.
Are you guys working on this to accommodate your need to have close time with BF but deal with the work schedule? If you got close time elsewhere, would you be better able to let the sleeping arrangement thing go?

But my girlfriend cant sleep with me in their bed, she tries, but cant.

Bed to small? Room too small to fit a larger size bed?

Someone snore? Sleep apnea? It gets hot with so many people? Strangled in blanket?

And is the need to be in the same bed or can you live with being in the same ROOM in another bed? Then just flip which bed you in? But all still in the same room?

Too much togetherness for her comfort level? It breaks into their pillow talk time?

And so i am the one who waits downstairs, lonely, hoping he will come down to me.
Have you done your responsibility to the group to address the lonely? Spoken out your wants, needs and limits?

Is he not thinking/working/talking on this problem because he is not aware there a problem? Has a sleeping schedule been tried?

Just trying to think "out loud..."


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