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Default Greetings

I've been a lurker for a little while, but decided I'd hop in here and get to know folks and let them get to know me.

I'm a fairly young male. I've been married for 6 years, and in the very beginning we had the monogamy talk. So while we've been monogamous for the past 6 years we both understand that monogamy is neither the default, not something we've set ourselves to be.

A few months back, I met someone new, and while our relationship hasn't been sexual, I think I'm building feelings for her. My wife picked up on this, and we shared some of our feelings.

My wife has a higher sex drive than I do, and some of her kinks are turn-offs to me. Specifically, she's into heavy BDSM. So after 6 years, we're finally actively looking into expanding out and exploring relationships with others, while building and exploring our existing one.

She's found a new dom, and having defined the relationship she and I have, I'm opening myself more and more to being polyamorous in practice as well as theory.

So that's why I'm here now, to reflect, learn and grow.

A bit about me. I'm childless by choice. I'm a geek. I have two cats which I completely adore.

I'm also a political activist. I'll keep politics off this board, but it's truely impossible for me to set aside the philosophy that motivates me to act. I believe in being responsible and honest, and towards the top of my list of values is always being a good neighbor.

I absolutely love my car (Honda Element) and I'm currently making a pot of chili. How's that for random?

Thanks for welcoming me into the community.
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