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Originally Posted by Tahirabs View Post
I found this awsome website from a Polyamory family that homeschool and run a bissness together

On this website if you search around alot you'll see the women who is writing it calling her partners Husband 1 husband 2 and wife. I was just wondering what anyone else thought about this. I found it rather interesting as she can't mean these things legaly, can she? hummm... just curouse to hear others thoughts about this or what you think about this website.
I think this website is AWSOME!!!

Thanks for the thoughts!

You're question is what we think about her using the terms husband1,2 and wife?

Really I don't care. I call "em" my siste-but there is no shared biology or legal paperwork. She is still my sister of heart... so I guess if someoen wnated to say husband or wife... it doesn't make much difference to me personally.
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