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You sort of pulled a "bait and switch" on your husband there. If you had those feelings for your other male friend for a while, why did you not tell your husband before the marriage that you were considering polyamoury?

I think at this stage all you can do is talk to your husband, give him time and see what happens. See if you can interest him in some of books that are recommended on this page or some information about poly online. However, you might be faced with the fact that this is not what your husband wants in which case you will have to choose between the poly lifestyle and your husband. There is sadly a good chance that you won't be able to have both.

If you get resentful of not being able to follow your lifestyle, I'd just think about how resentful your husband must be feeling right about committing to one type of relationship and being told after the ceremony that it is likely to be another.
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