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If you are that unsure of yourself, my answer would be-drop the sex out of everything for a couple of months and then see how you feel.

I say that because, if it's really love-it will be there regardless.
sex is like crack-its addicting and addiction can "fake" being real for awhile.

It's a little like saying your bi because your boyfriend wants you to sleep with another woman-and you love him and want to make him happy.
That DOES NOT make you bi-but your deep desire to make him happy might mask the truth.

So, if you remove the addicting part and you drop the truth out there (being poly won't protect people from getting hurt by the way-in my experience over the last few years it tends to be more work, more emotional processing and thus dealing with more hurts actually) you can get a better grasp of who you really are-before you drag others along for a ride.

One of the worst things I've seen (repeatedly) is people who "think" they are poly go out and start multiple relationships only to decide they aren't when their partners find other lovers-and want to "turn back time" which is flat fucking impossible.

So whatever you do-don't move forward til you're flat out positive that you are willing to take the consequences of everything you do-being done in return.

That's my "quick" advice response to your questions.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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