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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Go with it.

You have the RESPONSIBILITY to state your needs, wants, and limits.

If there's room for negotiating, you can try to sort it out.

But if there is no happy medium to be had -- best to end if honorably before things go deeper. Everyone needs to know what they are signing up for and AGREE to what they are signing up for.

Being outed by indiscreet people is not the same as just being annoyed by fluffy fb postings.

I agree that people should state their needs, but documentation? Is that really necessary?

I dont think there's much honor in having people agree to sign documentation for a personal relationship.

If the couple doesn't wish to have their lives exposed, and the other partner refuses to comply, there's a breach of trust. Period. And the relationship should end, no question. But that won't stop the other partner from posting, they just won't see it and if anything, the repercussions in subsequent posts could be a lot worse than they bargained for.

It just seems extreme to me. I'd tread carefully on that one.
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