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My heart goes out to you and Maca. It's a really frustrating situation.

May I ask whether it's the emotional intimacy or sexual intimacy that's most important to Maca? Is there a way to balance personal interaction, say maybe once every week or every other week with something like writing or talking on the phone in order to satisfy the need for emotional intimacy?

My partner and I are both workaholics and because I work in theatre we end up having a week or two of 60-80 hours so I don't always get to see my partner. It was this way when he was a close friend, before anything romantic had even been discussed. Those weeks we focus on our communication through text messages, phone calls and letter writing. It forces us to put the brakes on the physical side of the relationship and just enjoy the emotional aspects. When we were both experiencing NRE this was a good pause because it allowed things to settle when they were getting too intense.

Hope this helps in some sense.
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