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Yes, I have another partner.

We're a long-term V.

Maca (husband), myself, and GG (my boyfriend).

We live together. Two kids out of the house already, two still at home ages 12, 5. And I have our 1 year old grandson a few days a week.

I don't work-so I pretty much handle all of the household "normal chores" like cleaning. GG does much of the cooking and back up cleaning.
But, due to a neck injury, anything over 5 lbs, I can't lift and I can't do anything that requires heavy labor. However, for hte most part our 12 year old kicks butt with helping me ensure that GG and Maca are MOSTLY free for their time off work.

I am willing (as is GG) to keep the kids ANY day of the week so Maca can go out. That isn't an issue at all. Finding a "babysitter" is a breeze because one of us is always here AND the 5 year old goes to bed at 8pm every night and once she's in bed, even if we weren't here, the 12 year old is more than capable of handling her and knows how to contact any of several neighbors if he needed to.
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