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Time management is so much easier when all the kids are in their teens. Knowing your limits and being able to tell people up front helps. With some of the stuff I'm currently involved with, I have to say "Look I have kids and a job, they come first - ALWAYS! My time and involvement will revolve around their schedule, which could severely limit my time commitment." I think keeping everyone effected informed of my limitations makes it less stressful for me and others aren't so pushy when I have to back out or decline something.

Right now we're kind of a slave to baseball and have to rely on other people to make everything work. The kids won't always be this little and they won't always demand so much of our time. They will however, resent it until they die if we don't make time for them when they need it (my dad still resents his parent, who are now dead). There are definite advantages to sending them to spend a week or two with Grandma and/or summer camp.
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