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I heard a poll once that asked what people were more comfortable with: a person in an open relationship or someone having an affair. More people said that they liked the person having the affair. I think the basic idea was that the affair person was trying to be faithful while the person in the open relationship was not.

I think it is just cultural. ....
It sounds like the typical cultural blunder. "faithful" means honesty more than it does "monogamy." It means trustworthy, dependable.

Semper Fi, or Samper Fidelis is the Marine Motto. "Always Faithful."

So you think Marines care if the buddy goes out and .... after being a foxhole with him? Not likely. Somebody really needs to fix the dictionary so people start speaking the same language, or next think you know, all of the Marines wil be celibate, gay, or worse. Not theat there is anything wrong with that. It just doesn't sond like the soldiers I remember.
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