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Originally Posted by butterflywaterfall View Post
I'm right there with you. When my guy is with his other gf, I don't hear from him much at all. She is fully aware of me and they are both poly. when he's with me though, he isn't texting her or talking to her on the phone. I appreciate that. When he's with each of us, we're getting his full attention. I think I'd be upset if he was always texting or calling her when he's with me and I doubt she'd be thrilled if he was contacting me a bunch. I think he's at least trying to be respectful of each relationship, but I do still feel jealous and a little lonely when he doesn't get in touch with me.
Be mindful of time disparity, too. I only see my bf once or twice a week. He lives with his SO and obviously sees her much more than me. As our time together is so limited, yes, I would appreciate having his undivided attention during those few hours that we are together, no texting etc unless there is an emergency. When we are not, I do wish that he communicate with me daily, even a brief "Goodnight love, kiss". It only takes 30 seconds but it's time well spent to help fill in the gaps between our time together.

It gets very lonely and it's easy to feel forgotten when there is an extended time of no contact.
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