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Originally Posted by TornHeart View Post
I hate the feeling of being forgotten. That I'm not so special to him while he is with her. That I'm out of sight, out of mind. That, in plain and simple terms, just hurts.
THIS is a TOTALLY reasonable response to being neglected.
It is NOT unreasonable to expect a partner (poly or not) to make a point of letting you know daily that they are thinking of you and love you.
As I said above, if I'm going to be gone with one partner (or alone, I did just take a month long trip alone), I always make it a point to have a good morning and good night conversation with my beloveds at the VERY least.

It's reasonable for him to not interrupt romantic time endlessly to talk to you. But, there is no reason you can't expect (once you've stated the need) for him to agree to call or text you a few times a day if he's going to be out of face to face contact for more than a part of a day.
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