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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
When I'm with one, I almost always think of the other. A lot because I'm in love with both of them; and a lot because I'm so happy they are both okay with this. (or they seem to be...)

I relate to your challenge in feeling forgotten, daily. Mostly, I try to distract myself with my life. I try to remember they wouldn't be with me if they didn't want to (these men don't do much that they don't want to).
These past two days have been intense for me.

Contemplating my being polyamorous and being with a poly man, who is out of town with another woman. I figured he's away and after reading advice from people here and from close friends (one of whom is a full fledged poly), I decided to go ahead and accept a date from someone I met through a friend and another date from a former boyfriend I had recently reconnected with. When I was out with both men, I thought of my poly man, however, I persisted on having a good time and for the most part I did have superb dates. Did they help? Yes. Did it ease the heaviness in my heart about not being able to be with poly man these past few days? Not really. But I'm learning...

I hate the feeling of being forgotten. That I'm not so special to him while he is with her. That I'm out of sight, out of mind. That, in plain and simple terms, just hurts.
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