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I agree with getting all the legal stuff taken care of. It's just polite and if problems arise down the road....well you don't have to worry much about it. Like right now with our the euphoria of a relationship that is going well, you can rely a lot on trust and that's ok......but when I came out about loving my friend back in March.....issues arose about the house because he thought I was leaving. His mother is also a materialistic bitch who has never liked me (pardon me) so when he told her what was going on, she was like, "Well, she can't do anything about the house, it's in your name!"

Like I never lifted a finger or ever had a any financial input into the house at all. We were never married and in Ga it doesn't matter if you get married after the fact anyway. The original plan was to put my name on the deed to the house, but it just kept getting ignored. Now there are issues and insecurities and I feel that people are being unfair toward me because of how I feel. Quite disheartening and frustrating. I asked him recently if he would object to putting my name on the deed still since my plan is not to go anywhere, he seemed wary of it. Which makes me sad and feel a little mistreated because I have had just as much financial input into the home as he has. He still agreed though.
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