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Thanks GalaGirl for your advice... this is one of the reasons why I've posted in the forum, to have my feelings, thoughts, and instincts confirmed. I appreciate the encouragement to stand up for myself to be more supported and nurtured... if I do feel uncomfortable about something, I should at least have the understanding from my partner. I plan to be more communicative in this way (and already have) about a topic that came up last night. If you're familiar with the Meyers-Brigg personality test, we have learned so much about each other and how we're wired differently. On one side of the spectrum, I'm a strong 'feeler', and on the other side, my partner is a strong 'thinker'. As long as I can explain how I'm feeling and what might make me uncomfortable logically, he can get it. And he understands that I need more reassurance and needs to work on understanding the feeling aspect. We've talked about this before... it's an interesting puzzle to explain such stuff in a solid, logical way (for me) but I need to do that, and be direct, to get the desired results.
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