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Originally Posted by Sweetheart View Post
Today, we still have a few honorary aunts & uncles. The kids know which aunts/uncles are related to them, and which are not. Some are here in town with us, and get together for holidays, while others just call on the phone or send gifts & cards to the kids. To them, it is really no different than having regular aunts & uncles. They know that some are Mommy's friends or Daddy's friends, or both.
Same here-our kids (well not Trin-she's only 2) know which ones are bio, step, adopted or just "friends" who were "so good at that job they got promoted" as we say. As well they know that GG is my boyfriend. But they aren't going to say "hey mom's bf..." Our oldest called him "nuncle" for years. She was not quite 2 when he came in the picture-but at that time he wasn't my bf either. He was "just a friend". Now she calls him by his first name with a "y" added. For some reason our family has this thing about adding "Y" as in the sounds "eeeee" to the end of every "special persons" name.
The younger kids flip between calling him by the same thing she does and calling him uncle except the baby-who calls him "my (first name+y)" which is adorable.

I think that kids are much more accepting in general and in a way-more self-centered. They want to be loved.They know it feels good from anyone. So they just want more and more and more. They aren't as choosy about WHO they get it from. Maybe because there isn't a sexual aspect to it-so some of the risks that come into play with us as adults aren't there for them. or maybe becuase they aren't as aware of the risks that are there?
Not sure. ... interesting thought.
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