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Originally Posted by snowwhite View Post
am I capable of being involved with others, whilst not losing interest in my primary?
can I nurture my partner effectively whilst I am active with others? can I maintain our emotional relationship? can I balance it all?
can I face my own insecurities well enough to cope with her being active with others?

I love this. Definitely food for thought to be in the back of the mind all the time when considering a poly relationship. I worry about nurturing my partners all the time. Right now, I am not involved sexually with my other. We are discussing it though. I think I am handling the emotional nurturing well. They both definitely are doing a wonderful job with me. I love them both so much.
As a side note to snowwhite

I'm glad that you liked it! I would definitely not call myself a poly expert. It's just how I see things in the stage I'm at of my poly adventure.

It sounds like you are having a wonderful poly relationship and wanting to be considerate of your lovers.

If there's one major thing I've learnt recently? My GF and I spent so much time nurturing after the event that we forgot to consider damage control! How can we make something better before it happens, so that it's smoother sailing when it happens?

A simple conversation involving "I'm ready to sleep with this person. Are you ready for me to do that? How do you feel? What do you need from me to ease it? How will we go about this?" should make them feel important and valued = less trauma.
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