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Funny night last night. Went out to do the laundry, and was planning on visiting my cousin (who lives near laundromat) while washing was turnin, but she was out. So I had a beer at a local pub instead. Turns out the performer was a local poly person, so there were people there from the poly things I've been to. Nice to bump into local friends!

Such good conversations. Bought beer and a pickled egg for someone, which precipitated much more beer. I chatted with a morose-looking dude who was sitting by himself at the end of the bar. Turns out we had plenty to talk about. Three hours later, the bar had closed around us (chairs up everywhere, lights even dimmer than before) and it was him, myself and the bartender (also a colleague of Sago's, in his other job!) drinking a final Guinness. Bliss.

Got ready to walk my laundry home (by this stage, it's 2am. I had left the house at 8 intending to be home by 10! Ha) and turns out the guy I've been chatting to lives round the corner from me. This is a bit surprising because the block of shops with this pub/laundromat is not the closest to where I live. I'd travelled a bit further so I could get a chance to see my cousin.

Anyway, I wander homewards with aforementioned Dude. At the junction between his place and mine, I ask if I can give him a goodbye kiss. This turns into me with fogged up glasses (so geeky), then us jumping a fence into an abandoned lot - tall, cold grass - and making out some more. (Got a cut in the palm of my hand jumping out, later. Battlewounds!)

He wanted me to come back to his place, but I said I had things to do the next day and didn't want a late start. He promised me that he could kick me out by 4am. At this point, we looked at the time and it was already 4am... So. It was farewell, but we exchanged numbers and maybe will meet up in the next couple of weeks.

Ayla was out last night too, and she came back mid-morning with tales of an unexpected threesome with two of her friends. Ah. Hilarious. Neither of us feel we actively seek these kinds of connections out... and yet they seem to happen. I know it's not unusual for some people, but I feel it's less common if you're ambivalent? Or at least, not out looking to score? I dunno.

Had an effulgence of non-specific happiness this afternoon. I called Sago at work to say hi, gush love, then rang Carob for the same and then rang Ella, just because.

Ella's a physicist, so was fun to touch base with her re: the particle news. She's crushing on her office mate at the mo too, so we chatted a bit about that.

Carob sent his CV in for this job, and they invited him to formally apply (which he's doing now). Just helped him edit his cover letter and supporting documents. Sago looked over it and said it looked good. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your comment Mya Yeah, pretty stoked. S said it seems like he's made the whole family move over here. Indeed.
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