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As a secondary you have rights.

There's also the general rights and responsibilities of all partners in relationship -- whether it is you and him, or you and the new BF.

constantly being forced to work through issues he has between us
Though I understand the nervous from living in the same town... This part sounds avoidy to me. I wouldn't be down with that because whether you date other people or not, the issues are still there between you.

but it also frustrates me that i have this rule set out for me that i had no part in making.
This is not fair, if it was not laid out as an expectation before you even got involved with him so you could decide whether you wanted to sign up for that or not.

we have talked about the structure of relationships and how his and his partners are and that we need to create and agree on our own structure, so we are going to work on that.
I certainly hope so. Get your framework down.

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