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Originally Posted by PhilosophicallyLost View Post
One of my biggest complaints before with our relationship was that he seemed to take me for granted, and now he doesn't. He takes the extra efforts now to impress me, which I personally thinks make the relationship a more meaningful one for both of us. Also one learns new things with new people and that can be used to spice up things for the primary relationship,
My take was he didn't get it when told or warned. .... Didnt really get it until the other guy showed up ....hence why she listed it as a benefit. You don't see this as a reaction to the situation and or competition ?

Anne, have you read there story? This didn't start for them from some mutual erotic discussion.

My point was he might not list those things as a benefit. However......he very well might...

Ps ...I don't think "all" men have " secret " anything battle going on ...testrone or anything else...except maybe hair loss .....

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