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We talked about this a lot. And we have finally made it a reality! My wife has a boyfriend that she has been seeing on and off for a few months now. I like him and we get along pretty well. When she is with him they are always alone together for a day or two at a time.

When I was a work recently my wife texted me "come home early - i have a special treat for you!"

Well this piqued my curiosity and I got home about an hour early letting her know I was on the way. When I got home she was nowhere to be found.

Until I went upstairs to the bedroom!

He boyfriend was on top of her and they were both sweating like crazy while they made love. I stopped in my tracks!! I watched them for a while and she smiled and told me to wait a minute.

When he was done he rolled off her and she said, "Hop on!" with her wicked little smile. I did not have to be asked twice. As she and I made love her boyfriend layed next to us to cool off.

When it was all over we had some wine (I thought we would have to be a little intoxicated BEFORE we ever did anything so wild) and he ended up spending the night.

A truly amazing evening. A fantasy come true for both of us. I'm not sure how often her boyfriend is going to want to have all of us there together but he was a good sport.

So fantasies can be great and sometimes the reality doesn't live up to expectations but on rare occasions it can exceed them!
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