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Mono and I have decided that I am going to work on not being worried I am hurting him by having Brad in my life, he is going to work on not worrying whether or not I am happy with him or not. I am going to work on trusting again and he is going to work on open and honest communication.

We are both trusting our resilience and trusting each others stay-bility (made that word up). We both agree that we are life loves that will be supporting and loving each other for a long time to come. That is where we are on the same wave length so that is where we shall rest our trust and do our work for now. sorting it out! Yay!

Had a walk and tea with Ken yesterday and he told me he is glad that we are friends too. He needed (needs) time to figure out where to go next in life and us being friends will be better in the long haul from where we both sit right now. It feels good to have that sorted out a bit more. I feel as if I am resting on trusting that we are in a good place also.

I'm seeing Brad tonight after some burlesque costuming with some of the ladies. It will be a quick visit I think as it will be late. His in-laws are coming soon so I am wondering how much we will see of each other.

I think back to a couple of months ago when we first met. Such a lot has happened. He feels so naturally part of my life now.

I am concerned that he has some connections to people I am not on good terms with right now and am wondering what my role is, if any, in that. He wants me to come to events that he and his wife go to but I can't because of these people. I am wondering if I should try and make a change there for everyone's sake. Is it my responsibility to do that? I feel as if I would be interrupting them as I don't know where they are at with me and don't want to take their separateness from me away. I think they might be preferring I am not in their immediate circle. Brad would like me to be in that same circle... For now I am leaving it and just seeing if it becomes necessary. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I would rather put that feeling on my shoulders than expect others to shoulder it for me. Still mulling over what the best thing to do is and have more to talk to him about.
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