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I want to thank you all for your kind words and allowing me to have a place to express my feelings. We are still working on our issues together and trying to move forward. As much as i want to say you until day X or i leave, that is just not going to work, nor harbor an environment of continued success. I promised him as long as we are making continued success, that it would be unfair for me to make such a demand.

I think we have also go to some of the root of the problems that we have with communication. With them living together and me not being there, i don't think he understood the advantage he had. While i cried alone, he had our other partner to support him and he could have vented to him. This has put a lot into perspective and it has allowed me to find faults in my self and work on fixing them. Hell i know I'm not perfect, but i like to make mental plans without sharing them with either plan. While they may just be mental plans, they are still there and i make changes in my life due to it. One being, i was hoping for us to become a family, so i took the semester off school. I didn't tell either of them why i took the semester off, i just did. So i need to work on that a bit more. I will also be looking at some of the reading material presented and my partner found this post and we all took the test.

Thank you all
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