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Speaking for myself, I can never have enough sex. Maybe I have lot's of energy, but I'm never too tired.

Originally Posted by amberleaf View Post
Do you have a set amount of times a week, in general, you see secondary partners?
Yes, our week goes like this.

Week 1.

Monday.......Nathan (My primary)
Tuesday......Scott (Overnight stay)
Thursday.....Scott (I go home to Nathan at 10.30P.M)
1st & 3rd Sunday...Nathan 2nd & 4th...Scott (Overnight stay)

On my Sundays with Scott, I spend the whole day with him, and also bring my Son. We drop him off at Scotts house, and his wife looks after him, and Nathan will pick him up at about 8pm. Scott and I will then spend the night together.

So far it has worked very well, although Scott wants us to meet up on a less regimented basis. What he means by this is, that he wants to keep our arrangement as it is, but also see more of me. He wants to be able to come to our house, and for me to go to his also, when we get the urge. I dont think that this will happen.

Originally Posted by amberleaf View Post
If your primary partners are feeling neglected, do you skip a week with your secondary?
I try my hardest to make sure that Nathan never feels neglected, and he has never said that he does. If he was to tell me that he was unhappy with something, I would stop, as he is the most important person in my life.

Originally Posted by amberleaf View Post
Do you have less sex with your primary than your secondary, and if so, does that work ok for you?
Probably more with my secondary. Nathan and I will have sex everyday when I'm not due to be with Scott, so that's Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and every second Sunday. I spend a lot less time with Scott, but spend more of that time having sex. So yeah, probably more with Scott I guess. It works well, I get to have the affectionate loving sex that I have with Nathan, and the more orgasmic sex that Scott gives me. It's great.

Originally Posted by amberleaf View Post
Do you think it's acceptable for my wife to actively set time aside to go on dates/have sex with a play partner on a weekly basis, if she is not making time to have dates with us? Like I say, at current, her and I hardly do anything together without our daughter. When my wife goes out, I look after our daughter
Most of the things Nathan and I do together tend to include my Son. We are a family unit and the three of us enjoy this very much. Nathan and I do set time aside to go out by ourselves though, and I love spending time with him, more so than with my secondary. If your wife is not setting aside time for you and your child, I dont think that's fair on the two of you. She needs to find a balance. Nathan and I have worked hard on this, it's not easy sometimes as there is not enough hours in the day. I am also spending time during the day with Scotts wife, and also the four of us get together. Everyone wants it to work, and it does.

Good luck to you and your wife.
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