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Interesting that you chose to refer to a dictionary for the definition of a slang word, since slang words tend to be rather fluid in their meaning and change depending upon context and even region.

I am often considered "mean" for simply having a different point of view and maintaining it, particularly when I debate it using pragmatic language and don't immediately defer to someone's position just because they "feel bad" that I disagreed. For that definition, I heartily embrace the term.

I also really don't care what you think of me personally, since it doesn't change the validity of my statements.

reference http://thefatoneinthemiddle.typepad....-know-me-.html and a discussion on what being an "asshole" can mean & why I use it to refer to myself

Seventh Crow:
Heh. The New Love Without Limits is a book I recommend people avoid because it has far too much New Age fluff crust to truly be useful, in my opinion.
Your comments are echoed to me by many poly people I know Seventh Crow. Fasciniating how a mono mind can look at the same words differently.
Again, the topic of whether someone's monogamous wiring affects one's spiritual outlook is the topic at hand, not whether or not Mono is a big poopyhead for saying it. If Mono has changed his opinion, that's great, but the topic is still worth discussing.

Hence, we are not attacking Mono, we are discussing a logical fallacy.

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