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Default Thank you

thank you so much lol if you cant tell i am kind of frantic, We are on our own and have a baby, so we are pretty much ok as far as everything else goes we are just having trouble identifying our relationship wants i guess. He has had a relationship with this girl and i have too and that was not to confusing for us we just chalked it up to being sexually adventurous but after so long it was not just sex anymore it was emotional attachment then it got confusing. We started trying to integrate another man into the bedroom with us and yet again we thought it was going to be simple sex but it takes a lot for me to be comfortable enough with someone to be intimate with them. Yet again it has become an emotional connection. I started talking to my fiance and he said he understood because of his relationship but now we are confused about where to go with this. It is something that makes us feel complete but we are very confused about what all of this means
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