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That's up to you guys.

I would say if she's doing some heavy work in therapy right now with feelings, and your starting to date could add to her emotional load, it's reasonable for her to come to you as her partner and go

"Dude. I know I said August, but this is a heavy thing right now in therapy. (Explain the heavy thing a bit.) Can I get a snooze tag on that? Maybe take it to October instead just so I'm not dealing in two rough emotional situations at the same time?"
You could grant that or negotiate.
"Alright. I hear you. I get that and can respect that need not to have too much emotional brouhaha at the same time. But if I agree to no in person dates, can I at least post a profile on OKC and start just computer chatting? Can we negotiate a bit here? Cuz I been waiting. Talk to me. "
I mean... it really is on you guys to sort it out.

But you feeling like "Aw, man! I've been waiting!" That's normal to feel.

We feel what we feel when we feel it. It just burbles up. We don't choose when it happens.

We CHOOSE how to react in response. Just REACT to the emotion or ACT with INTENTION.

Where's the happy medium? Talk to you partner.


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