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Default Lin and my first anniversary

At the end of the week one year will have pasted since Lin and I became a couple officially. Already a year? Only a year? Sometimes it seems such a long time but mostly it went by without any of us really noticing. I remember waiting for the first year to pass in Sward's case back then. Maybe we were so much younger, that we weren't able to let time lapse away one way or the other. I feel about Lin like I feel about Sward nowadays in regard to the time we spend with each other: Like we have always been together and will never part.

But I am excited as well. This will be Lin's and my first couple evening in a going out manner. When I thought about it, I was kind of dumbstruck that we really never went out for dinner just the two of us. Not once. Once, we came close, ate something in a diner while shopping all day, but that wasn't a date. Hm, seems as all of us regard going out for dinner as fitting for special celebrations like an anniversary or birthday. All three of us went to our (Sward's and my) favorite Greek restaurant to introduce it to Lin. And that has been it. Despite me being a foody like no one else. We need to work on the frequency there

Lin is totally excited about Sunday and picked out a Indian restaurant. I have never been to one and he knows how much I enjoy different tastes and food. He planned the whole evening already, looked into what's typical in reagrd to their cuisine and what may be a bit difficult for our tastes and searched for the best restaurant in our region. So sweet Looking forward to the end of the week.
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