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Default Thanks for the Welcome!

Foisted I guess is not the right word. I agreed to being open, but I don't recall agreeing to my husband having a girlfriend and I never thought it would get to this level of romantic. The dedicating of songs (I had thought of as our songs, meeting the girlfriends family, planning trips where I am not included)

I don't want to split up. I do love him and want to stay with him. The love for him is why I want him to be his true self and why I keep signing up for something that is very painful for me. I am unsure if I have what it takes to be in a poly relationship. I feel like one of us has to lose. Either he gives up his girlfriend and his poly self.(who he truly is) Or I give up having all of my husband and share him.

I am wondering am I just seeing things in a whiny difficult place where I see things through depressed sad glasses instead of rosy. Is there really great things to come and I just need to hold on because it gets better. Has anyone out there is polyicious land been through anything like this or similar? Does it just not work for some people? What can I do to not feel so much pain?
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