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Default when to stick to your guns?

so, I have a question for all of you lovely folks out there

when is it ok to stick to your guns, and when is it ok to bend? The girlfriend and I made a deal several months ago that at the end of august I could start dating etc. After talking about being poly for six months, we agreed upon another six to fully become poly/open. Now, coming up on that time, she says she needs more.

so there's my question, when is it ok to lay down the law, and when is it ok to bend?

here are a few things to take into consideration: she is actively working on her issues in therapy (so proud of her for that!). I told her several months ago, I wanted her to be with other people, even if I couldn't yet, so she has been pursuing a girl (and another guy to a small extent).

is there a middle ground? Or should I have to even try to find one, after all we did make a deal/promise. Am I being selfish in sticking to my guns?
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