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I have just worked out a schedule with my husband and boyfriend.

Week one and three...

Mon Hubby/home
Tues Hubby/home
Wednesday Bf with overnight stay
Thursday with bf before work.. Home with family afterwork
Fri Hubby date
Sat Hubby date
Sunday Hubby/home

Week two and four

Mon Occassional overnight with Bf during summer
Tues Hubby/home
Wed Hubby/home
Thurs Hubby/home
Fri, Sat, Sun At the bf's house 2 out of the 3 days.

I was having issues between hubby and myself about time spent away from home with my boyfriend. But when I wrote it out a schedule on paper for him. He realized that even though he felt like he has a short end of the stick this past week that he actually has me most of the time. My bf feels like that he is being heard too with his schedule.
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