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Thank you for all the help so far.

Since my wife's girlfriend moved in, four months ago, my wife has done a lot of things with her because she wanted to show her around the new city and also probably a bit of NRE (even though they've been together for over a year, they had a LDR until now).

During that time, my wife's girlfriend has offered very openly to look after our daughter. She is like a second mom to her and truly wonderful.

However, my wife says that she doesn't want to 'force' time with me and wants it to be natural.

In terms of sex, my wife's girlfriend has literally at times said "I'll look after baby - just seriously go and have some fun in the bedroom".

I said that I'd ideally like the following situation for my wife:
- One date a fortnight with me
- One date a fortnight with girlfriend
- One date a fortnight with sub boy lover

Every week would be great, but obviously we aren't all made of money and time, so it might be overkill.

She basically thinks that a date with her new boy once every fortnight is not often enough. She wants to train him and work with him in terms of BDSM and craves D/s sex that cannot be offered at home.

So let's say it comes to this... she's seeing him every week. Sleeping with him 4 times a month.

She sleeps with me 2 times in that month. And her gf maybe 3 times.

When I tell her that for me, that isn't how I feel our primary relationship should be, she tells me to consider the love and intimacy we have, that surpasses sex.

So I wondered how you guys manage it and if in general, you at least balance the date nights out?
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