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I guess I misunderstood -- was this a date planned with T to watch a game?

If T let Seamus know to pass the news on to the group that he's not coming because X -- then ya. Seamus ought to pass it on to the group.

But if there was no date planned, why does Seamus have to tell you all T's random comings and goings? It's not like it was a planned date to hang out together. (That's what I thought it was.)

And yes -- contact you in some form. (I thought he was local). If late for an online skype date, email asap to give the heads up. Not leave you hanging and losing sleep. Totally. If this happens a lot -- put the 20-30 min kill time on it. It's like in college -- prof not show 20 min into the class? Students can walk without taking attendance hit points. The students expect some kind of explanation at next class. No big. Things happen.


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