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First of all, his beliefs in the original question at hand (the new-ageyness of the book) are not fundamentally different from everyone else here on the board. Some people agreed, some people didn't.

Second, his personal ability to read "new-age" in a given text is STILL not a product of his "mono wiring".

In order to bridge those gaps you keep wanting to bridge, we have to get to the real reason why he read the same book that Seventh Crow read and didn't think it was too new-agey when Seventh Crow did. Chasing after false trails like thinking it's his monogamous wiring will not bring us to that point.

This debate is precisely BECAUSE we're trying to get where he's coming from. His claim that his point of view stems from his monogamous wiring is not true and therefore, not where he's coming from. It's a red herring.
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