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Originally Posted by Joreth View Post
What part of "monogamous people are not inherently insecure" is "attacking the minority"? Last I checked, standing up for people was not included in the definition of "attack".

And for the record, I'm an asshole because I'm an asshole, not because I'm poly.
No. Insisting that one understands the MEANING behind someone else's statements-when it's clear that the two people aren't talking the same language and yet insisting "I'm right and your wrong" when it's possible that "I'm right and you just used badly chosen wording" ESPECIALLY when the "badly chosen wording" person ALREADY agreed that they conceded the point-is attacking them-and in this case it HAPPENS to be the minority being attacked. It would be attacking them even if they were not the minority.

Credit for honesty-not sure why you feel the need to share that-but ok.
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