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Sharing Details of Relationships/Sex... Is this common in poly relationships?
NO. Just the fact that there's a lover (for sex health hygiene) is enough. Extra loverly details only if ok with ALL parties. Because the OSO has feelings of their own about privacy. You do not just assume they are ok with kiss and tell. If they are, then yay -- everyone gets extra titillation. But that is a bonus, not a RIGHT.

So I like someone who is Seamus's coworker. I realise I'm not going to date him, because of the coworker thing, but I do like him and Seamus knows. Sometimes, I feel hurt when he doesn't tell me things that relate to T, his coworker.
Seamus is not T's keeper and is not obligated to "feed" your crush. If you feel hurt that's just emotion. Let it blow through. Don't put your WANT to know crush news ahead of Seamus' NEED to have normal coworker life that's not weird. Don't put him in the middle of weird.

We did have a similar issue that he didn't tell me things about himself (like if he was going to be late while I was waiting for him) so I figure it's just his personality. Maybe I should learn to get used to it?
This is poor manners. Seamus could work on that, esp if he has a cel phone. Does he? If so, lame not to call.

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