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I have a question that's kind of related, I thought I'd ask here rather than start another thread, I hope it's okay.

So I like someone who is Seamus's coworker. I realise I'm not going to date him, because of the coworker thing, but I do like him and Seamus knows.
Sometimes, I feel hurt when he doesn't tell me things that relate to T, his coworker. For instance, we meet and play games every so often. This week T was on vacation and wouldn't make it. Seamus didn't tell me about that, and when I asked why, he said he's not his keeper.
So now I don't know if I'm being unreasonable to be kept informed of stuff like this, or if he is being un-supportive, or something.

We did have a similar issue that he didn't tell me things about himself (like if he was going to be late while I was waiting for him) so I figure it's just his personality. Maybe I should learn to get used to it?

Anyways, how much detail do you think should be expected from a partner about someone you like, if they're close to them and you aren't?
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