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Originally Posted by Joreth View Post
So, saying that he's part of a group that is fundamentally and inherently different than us, and will see everything & read everything in a totally different light because of his biology is the way to do that?
No. I'm saying is fundamentally different in his beliefs than the majority of people on this board and therefore we need to attempt to bridge the gap HERE with HIM before we have ANY hope of accomplishing that on a grand scale in the real world.

And we can't do that if we just want to prove our point before making a connection with him. And we can't make a connection unless we're willing to learn where he's coming from and change the dialogue to a point where both sides can agree in order to have a "starting point" continuing to harp on where they don't agree (or seem to not agree because I happen to think it's not REALLY a disagreement but a miscommunication) isn't getting anywhere.
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