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Sorry I wasn't more clear. Yes, the $1495 will be split four ways with everyone paying an equal share. I was trying to give an idea of what rents are in our area and show that any three of us could afford it based on what we're currently paying. My boyfriend is still living with his girlfriend (she's moving to California for grad school in early August) and they split a one bedroom apartment for ~$700. He'll be paying a little more than he is now, but it's still much cheaper than trying to rent an apartment on his own.

As far as chores goes, we're going to do it more family style; one person is in charge of taking out the trash, one person is in charge of sweeping/mopping, one person cleans the bathrooms, etc. When I moved in with my husband we chose chores based on who doesn't mind doing what. For instance, I load the dishwasher and "Tetris" it up to fit the most dishes efficiently cause it drives me crazy if it's done "wrong" and he unloads cause I hate unloading the dishwasher for some reason. We've both covered for the other if things get busy and it's always a nice treat when someone does your chore for you just cause they love you and you seem stressed. We still have yet to actually assign responsibilities, but that's the model the four of us have discussed.

For bills, we're each taking a utility, so no one gets stuck being the point person for everything (that's a lot of work) and we'll square up at the end of the month. I'm in charge of gas, husband's electric, girlfriend is internet, and boyfriend is water/trash.

We going to try to do more of a hybrid system for groceries. We'll each have our own food, but certain food items will be "house" items that will be added to rent and split between us. So things like salt, olive oil, ketchup, rice, etc. will be from most likely from Costco and shared. We'll each still buy our own veggies, meats, cheese, etc. We haven't discussed if we want to try and eat family style. That's a great point and I'm going to bring that up with the group. Thank you!

We're also going to share all the paper products and cleaning supplies. So I figure a run to Costco once a month for paper towels/toilet paper/laundry detergent/dishwashing detergent, etc. should do it. Interesting point about *who* ends up doing that, because you're right it could get pretty time consuming. It'll probably be me. Hmmm, I wonder if I should add that to the chore spreadsheet. Thanks for pointing that out.
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