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Sounds like you two need to discuss some ground rules. I'm new to this as well and I've heard that helps a lot. You are being poly as well being the other guy outside of her fam. Does her husband know about you? Have you ever met him? This may seem a bit personal but I am just curious because I am in a similar situation as she was, but "hubby" knows the feelings I harbor for my friend that I want to be poly with. The thing that I have noticed with the poly thing is that people seem to have one or two primaries or secondaries and then everyone is free to have casual sex as long as it is discussed before hand. I've noticed that in poly relationships that work well, everyone meets up at some point and they all get acquainted at least with the primary and secondary. You definitely have a right to know about you health. I am confused about what ground rules me and my partners should implement at the moment. My friend who i want to bring into the relationship is not really wanting to do the poly thing or thinking about having sex with anyone else but me. I don't like seeing him upset nor do i think I could deal with hurting the men I love.
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