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Default Hi people, just saying hello!

Hi All,

Just thought I'd do the proper thing and write an intro so people could see it... I've skimmed this forum a couple of times as an anonymous, but thought I would finally just jump in.

I'm a Bi/Pansexual guy from Western Australia, and have been going out with an amazing non-binary person (who assents to being called my boyfriend :P) for almost two years now. They ("his" preferred pronoun) are beautiful and loving and supportive, and unashamedly polyamorous identity-wise. Over the time we have been dating, I have managed to let my very strong monogamous preferences slide in order to arrive at a relationship in which we are both completely happy, which I still consider a work in progress. So much has my perspective changed that, only a few months ago, I was confident enough to approach an angelic young guy at a party and ask him if he wanted to go out with me. He is a great guy, and we also love each other, although I don't exactly get to see as much of him as I would like (he is very independent and has a lot going on in his life most of the time). He is also very supportive and understanding when it comes to my "primary" relationship, and the two of them have occasionally snuggled and shown affection to each other as well, although we are more a "V" than anything. Both of my partners don't have any other partners, in one case because of just being too busy (my secondary) and in the other because I have been having some major jealousy issues and (ironic though it may sound) because we are going slowly in order to make sure this thing works, which is made easier by the frequent absence of my secondary and the unending patience of my primary, not to mention their (the primary's) willingness to go slower than me so that I can convince myself that the world is not going to end etc if they decide to do stuff with others.

The main reason I joined on here is that there have been several times lately where, through pure chance more often than not, I have had stuff to get off my chest (especially related to polyamory) and I have not been able to contact either of my partners in order to do so. Therefore, I thought you good people might be able to help. Also, I am a very private person normally, so I am hoping that I will be able to discuss hard problems and issues on here more easily due to my relative anonymity. For those, just in case i get redirected or anything, see my other posts!


PS: Oh yeah... in terms of relevant details, I am 27, my primary (Pan Non-Binary) is 24, and my secondary (Bi Male) is 18. You can call me Polywhirl and them P (for Personfriend/Primary) and B (for Boyfriend) respectively if need be... yes, I did say I was fiercely private! :P

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