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Today is mine and Keith's 2 year wedding anniversary.

It started off in an awesome way because of a bad situation. We took our vehicle in for some maintenance yesterday (things we've known needed to be done since we got the thing but had been putting off until we knew we had the money) and it turns out the power steering was about to go out (with no signs in the handling that it was happening). Boo. So that cost us like $500 more than than we planned, AND it meant they had to keep it overnight so Keith couldn't go to work last night.

So, the bad = a lot more money going in to the vehicle meaning we have to dip into our emergency fund a bit (but not too much, it'll be back up to full force within a few weeks without us stretching the budget much at all, yay!) and he had to use a PTO day that we were trying to save for next year to take an extended trip. The good = Keith got to be home last night and we had a movie marathon and made sure we were awake at midnight to have our first kiss (and stuff) on our anniversary.

I am now letting him sleep while I catch up on some housework and other stuff that I put off this weekend.
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