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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
[COLOR="Purple"]We have a no drama policy at our camp, so while we weren't in the closet all week, we weren't making it obvious either, which meant Wendigo slept in the barraks tent (the tent where all the single guys or guys who's wives/ girlfriends couldn't make it slept).
The "barraks" in our group, is anyone with any tent space (or even bed space as some show up with beds that literally sleep 3) and gender is completely irrelevant. Then again, most of the group would be bored out of there mind if there was a no drama rule.

Since coming home, we've had a couple bits of good news though. Runic Wolf is being offered as much OT as he wants, as his company really missed him while he was gone. He is due for a raise in a couple of weeks and they think that he is promotion material as well.

Wendigo's crazy sister in law and her kids are moving out this month, leaving the entire property to him and Pretty Lady. I'm happy for them, even if it means that he'll have to give up one game night with us so that he can get the property back into good shape.
Call in all the LARP friends and have a work party. The promise of pizza and beer usually brings out a good crowd.
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