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It's been over a month since my last update. I just didn't have time for this forum last month with all the preparation we had to do before our trip to the End of the World. Ragnarok was probably the most fun I've had in a while and undoubtedly the best trip I've taken with Runic Wolf and Wendigo yet. We have a no drama policy at our camp, so while we weren't in the closet all week, we weren't making it obvious either, which meant Wendigo slept in the barraks tent (the tent where all the single guys or guys who's wives/ girlfriends couldn't make it slept). This meant that, inspite of all of the joking that the three of us had done about Wendigo and I having sex while we were away, it really wasn't possible. But with a fully stocked bar and Woodchuck on tap, we managed to flirt and play footsie here and there throughout the week.

On Monday, Runic Wolf took me browsing/ shopping in Merchant's Row. He bought me a pretty chainmail and bells anklet in my favorite colors to wear to the belly dancing show. In return, I bought him a pair of gray green woolen wingas to wear to the Men Without Pants Party, which I didn't attend so as to give him some room to make some friends w/o me. And it worked, because the next day pretty girls were coming to camp to say hi to him and walking right past the guys in our unit who he felt were most likely to have girls randomly come up to.

Tuesday was the woods battle and I lost many arrows there, but it was probably my favorite of the two woods battle days. At one point, I was reaching down to pick up arrows from behind the shield wall, when the other side pushed. Wendigo ended up falling ontop of me, in full chainmail. He was unnecessarily worried that he'd hurt me, but once we were righted, we got right back into the battle. I did jokingly mention after we'd gotten home that if he wanted to be on top of me, all he had to do was ask. And he replied, not on the battlefield, which made me laugh. Runic Wolf had a bit too much to drink, playing keep up with our Unit Leader, drinking Elder Dragonslayers that night. But he was well behaved and even put himself to bed. I checked on him periodically, but then I got suckered into belly dancing for the drummers. When your boyfriend is drumming, what's the harm in dancing for him? Oh yeah, drunk guys stepping on your ankle, that's what. At least we weren't fighting on Wednesday.

Instead, I got in a little boyfriend time. We took a walk down to the laundry room with him while Runic Wolf napped, sat outside and watched the people walk by until washers opened up. I casually mentioned that the chainmail necklace I'd traded for at the Barbarian Trading Post was irritating where he'd scratched my neck and he asked when he'd done that. We joked how Saturday night was so long ago and it felt like another world and went browsing in merchant's row while the clothes dried. At the trim tent, he pointed out trim that he thought Runic Wolf would like, which ironically, was the same trim Runic Wolf had showed me the night before. We ended up taking the man's business card because I didn't have anymore money to spend. The rest of the week passed rather quickly. We held a beautiful wine and cheese party and I was introduced to one of Wendigo's friends from college, who spent the rest of the week bringing me chocolate and other decadence, reaffirming Wendigo and I's desire to have a sin bin in our camp next year. We helped our friend's win the King of Ragnarok battle and attended their thank you party and all in all had a great evening.

Unfortunately, one of our camp mates had a girlfriend who got sloppy drunk and made a pass at Runic Wolf as he was trying to get her safely to her tent. She then told her boyfriend that she didn't remember what happened that night but felt that she'd made a mistake with someone in the unit. When Runic Wolf tried to explain what really happened, the guy went a little bonkers and ended up having to be kicked out of the camp and our unit for making false accusations among other things. Runic Wolf was pretty shaken up by the whole thing so I was glad when it was time to come home even if it meant going back to not seeing Wendigo everyday.

Since coming home, we've had a couple bits of good news though. Runic Wolf is being offered as much OT as he wants, as his company really missed him while he was gone. He is due for a raise in a couple of weeks and they think that he is promotion material as well. My parents messaged me when I got back to let me know that they are getting married in 2 weeks. So excited to be there since neither of them could make it to mine.
Wendigo's crazy sister in law and her kids are moving out this month, leaving the entire property to him and Pretty Lady. I'm happy for them, even if it means that he'll have to give up one game night with us so that he can get the property back into good shape. We have a date next Thursday while Yoda is at camp, hopefully we can make some progress on my leather corset. Things at work are looking good for me as well, though I need to get some more summer work appropriate clothing. I'm picking up more clients starting next week. The goal is to get me up to at least 20 hours a week by the end of the summer. Runic Wolf is keeping an ear out at work for when they are hiring so that he can get Wendigo into his company, which would be great.

I am looking forward to good things in the future for all of us.

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