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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
So, you & your husband have a room, your bf has a room, your husband's gf has a room, and the fourth is for her art supplies - sounds good. Just curious - your boyfriend won't be paying any share of the rent? Wondering why not.
I think the point is that the new rent was equal to what the 3 of them were paying before so now it's even cheaper for them to live since there are 4 sharing that cost. The amount of the boyfriend's old rent is the amount that the group is "saving" by living together.

I think the plan sounds good, and knowing that any 3 of the 4 of you can afford it if one moves out is a good contingency plan.

Have you all figured out how you're going to share the tasks like grocery shopping (and cost), chores, bill paying, etc? Do you all plan to eat at the same times or each prepare your own food as before? Is each person responsible for his/her own dishes or do you take turns washing them? Just curious how the day-to-day is going to work. Is it like a roommate situation or more like a family situation?
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