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Perhaps my favourite parts of the weekend were going to Brad's house for a BBQ to spend time as a group and get to know each other, making a spot to put my hammock up in the back yard with Ken, going to the local Canada day celebrations with Mono, PN and LB in the camper van, going to Derby's for an impromptu BBQ and getting all my burlesque stuff.

Brad's wife is a lovely woman with a big heart. She has been welcoming and generous to me and my family. She has gone out of her way to be kind and thoughtful to me and its making me feel accepted. I had been very nervous about new metamours in my life after the hurt I went through of trying to establish some kind of connection with my last one (Leo's wife). Metamour relationships are the back bone of a good relatuonship I find and I am really pleased that so far me and Brad's wife seem to be on the same page with me about that. Both of them are reching out to know all my loves too. It makes me feel like we can act as a team where Brad is concerned if need be.

I am enjoying Brad's little boy too. He's a 4 year old little cutie. Unlike LB, he is active, boysterous and eager to involve everyone around him in his adventures. He's a pleasure to be around and I admire how he is being raised. Brad and his wife's parenting style is similar to mine. I think that is partly why.

Canada day was spent walking around the city taking in activities at various stages around town. They had bands playing, markets to browse through and lots of people watching. Most of the people were bewlidered American tourists taking In our version of celebration of our countries birthday. There were also many teens and 20 somethings boozing it up as night came and time for fireworks came close.

In the evening we headed back to the camper van where we met PN. We made hotdogs on the stove and coffee and sat and watched the sun go down and the peope heading downtown. We parked in a spot near a local attraction so we went and had a look and ate some ice cream. Mono and PN played hacky sack a bit (I joined in for awhile) and the crowds swarmed around us until it was time to watch the fireworks. After that it took us an hour to get home as we waited for the traffic to die down.

I got myself a burlesque gig for July as I cleaned up my stuff and assest what I needed to fix and rework. Strange that I haven't looked at it in weeks and right when I go to clean it up I get a message about the gig. I am so excited!

I was sad yesterday as I worked. Or more like hurt over the changes that seem to of come into my life. I am trying to invite change, but the threat of Mono's adventures in having poly feelings is continuing to throw me for a loop. I'm trying to ignore the feeling and deal with it alone rationally and without emotion. For the most part I'm succeeding, but I feel like I am not quite ready to talk about it when I feel I must as everyone around me is affected.

To top it off I felt a bit ripped off on two date nights this week when PN decided to go to a party for most of one and a movie on his own for another (we couldn't get a sitter). This morning I feel better but only got a couple of hours of sleep as a result of over thinking and now have taken a sick day from work to catch up on sleep. Its rainy here today, shouldn't be hard to let myself slumber I think.
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