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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I think that, in order for folks to be able to answer you, you are going to have to give a little more information.

If you want to meet for coffee, it would probably be a good idea to talk about where you live, or are you willing to travel anywhere in North America to meet someone for coffee? (This board is for North America)

Also, a lot of people care about ages - what ages are you two, and what age are you expecting your "unicorn" to be? Is it ok if she has other partners, or are you expecting her to be single? Is it ok if they have children, pets, etc?

Do you have an idea what type of relationship you are looking for? Is it primarily about the fun/sex, or are you looking for a longer-term, committed loving relationship?

Folks in a position like yours tend to complain that the answers they get to their personals are just wastes of time, so I think that the more information you can give, the more likelihood you have of actually getting responses that aren't time-wasters. Also, if you look at this boar,d you will see that there are far more couples looking for a bisexual woman than anything else, so the few bisexual women out there that are looking for this sort of thing can pick and choose - so it's important in a personal ad to set yourselves a bit above the rest.

Hope this helps in your search - good luck!

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